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While we do not offer in-house catering, we work with a local caterer who can help with Friday night dinner, Saturday luncheon, Party, and Sunday brunch!

We all love food, but let’s be real, it’s hard to find great catered food.  Even when the tastings are great, it changes when you’re cooking for a large group of people with many different food preferences.  You may disagree, but we also believe for the majority of bar/bat mitzvah parties, for the teens especially, the food portion of the party is less important.  We realize that may be different for adults, which is why we made sure the caterer we recommended understood this and could develop menu offerings + related pricing that treated the adults differently than the teens.  They go above and beyond, are reliable and flexible, and they are a part of our community - reason #1 why we help here.

Since we work with them so much, we are provided with a discount on food costs (few exceptions).  Contact us to receive the discount code!

Families who know and love Curtis Bell, our longest tenured team member and most requested MC, request for his involvement in this process.  He works during the week as a culinary arts teacher at Westside High School, and prior to that, he spent time at Braeburn Country Club working under the main chef.  He’s currently finishing up a masters program in Food and Hospitality Management.  If you choose to forego the discount (it gets passed along to him), he’s using his talents to meet with families to put together an awesome menu for each event you need help with, and our caterer does the cooking.  It doesn’t stop there!  He will go to the tasting with you and make sure the menu on paper and on your palate, are perfect!  Let us know if you would like us to arrange - reason #2 why we help here.


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