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Video Montage Guidelines

The picture/video montage features pictures (and short video clips) set to music of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child from birth to their special weekend.  Our standard plan on the night of the celebration is to gather family, friends, and guests around the dance floor and take a moment to celebrate the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child by playing the video montage for everyone.  This has replaced the Candlelight Ceremony.  



● A video montage should be between 9 to 12 minutes in length.

● Each picture runs for 2.5 seconds, and each transition runs for 2 seconds, total of 4.5 seconds per picture.



● Note: clients are not limited to the amount of pictures stated below, however, extra pictures will incur additional charges.  We suggest sticking to the allotted pictures.  

1 Family/1 or more Children – Maximum of 125 Total Pictures

1 - 125 Pictures - Included, $1/picture if over, max 25 photos


2 Families/2 Children – Maximum of 150 Total Pictures (75 Pictures Per Family).

1 - 150 Pictures (75 Pictures per Family) - Included, $1/picture if over, max 50 photos





                  ● Baby --> 15 Pictures, Song 1

                  ● Siblings (If applicable) --> 15 Pictures, Song 2

                  ● Family --> 25 Pictures, Song 3

                  ● Extended Family --> 30 Pictures, Song 3 continued

                  ● Friends --> 40 Pictures, Song 4

 If two families, please match the same categories, and we will show Baby 1, Baby 2, Family 1, Family 2, Friends 1, Friends 2.

                  ● Baby --> 15 Pictures, Song 1

                  ● Family --> 30 Pictures, Song 2

                  ● Friends --> 30 Pictures, Song 3

Note: pictures/video clips can be in categories and/or chronological.  We can arrange it exactly how you envision it!  Please label them for us accordingly (i.e. Baby 1, Baby 2, Baby 3, all the way through 15.  Then Family 1, Family 2, all the way through as many pictures as you have in that category).  


2. WHICH PHOTOS/VIDEO CLIPS TO USE – Keep the pictures entertaining!

● People enjoy the pictures that tend to be funny, entertaining, or highlight hobbies. Examples: pictures with a nice background, sports, activities, costumes, traveling, etc.

                  ● Try not to use “selfies” and close ups on child’s face.

                  ● Try not use picture of child in front of blank walls.

                  ● Although it makes for a laugh out loud, we cannot allow pictures exposing private parts (“Tushy Pics”).

● Unless you are recognizing a special person or animal, try not to use more than one picture without the child in it.  For example, do not submit 5 pictures of a pet without the child in the picture; it happens more than you think. 

● For the extended family and friend sections, try to use pictures with multiple people (2+) within them.  For example, we recommend one picture with a group of five friends versus five pictures with one friend in each.  


3. HOW TO ORGANIZE PHOTOS BEFORE SUBMITTING – If you aren’t very computer savvy and need help numbering the pictures in the right order, please contact us, and we'll help.


4. SCANNING – If you are scanning your own photos, make sure that you scan them in 300+ DPI.  Please make sure you save pictures individually without borders in .JPEG format.


5. MUSIC – A 125-picture montage usually requires 4 songs; however, depending on how many sections you have, you can use music for each section.  If you need help choosing music, please contact us or refer to our Suggested Montage Music List.


6. LIVE VIDEO FOOTAGE – If you want to use home videos of your child, please submit the file to Dropbox or a USB.

                  ● You must clarify the exact time marks that you would like to use for the montage.

● If you are recording video on a smartphone, ALWAYS remember to shoot horizontally.  This will give you the full screen effect when you want to watch on a computer or TV. 



All photos should be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to event date (4-6 weeks recommended).


Option 1: Submit photos/video clips via Dropbox (or any other file sharing website).

Option 2: Drop off USB to EZ BAR MITZVAHS.

                  ● All photos must be good quality and high resolution.

                  ● Photos must be labeled in the order of how you would like them to be shown (1, 2, 3, etc).

                                    ○ Refer to tips and suggestions above for more information.

Scanning: If you need any pictures scanned, pictures must be provided at least 4 weeks prior to event date.

                  ● Scanning Fee: $75


** PLEASE NOTE: All draft montages uploaded to Dropbox for proofing will be in low resolution.  The final product will be created in high resolution. **



● One (1) copy of the montage will be provided on Flash Drive.

● If there are 2 families, each family will get a copy of their own montage on a Flash Drive (without the other families portion).

                   ● Additional copies of the Flash Drives are available upon request.  We will also provide you with the digital file via Dropbox upon request.




1 (844) EZBMLLC ext 4

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