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EZ BAR MITZVAHS (EZBM LLC) specializes in providing "open style" photo booth services for private events.  We call it "party pix”, and we’ve taken the concept of the enclosed photo booth (where it’s live and you feel like you’re interacting with the software rather than simply standing there and taking a picture) and opened it up to a 12’ x 12’ backdrop (12’ x 10’ if the venue won’t fit the height).  This allows people to watch what’s going on, and it allows us to fit 15+ people in a picture versus only 2.  We’ve realized that most shots are group shots too, so it’s important to have this capability.  The setup itself is a massive truss system (framing the green screen to dress it up) that is decked out with lighting as well as a TV screen.  The TV screen cycles through pictures instantly as your guests take them (Picture Slideshow).  Your guests will also get a print out as soon as their picture is taken (we print out as many pictures as people in them), and they will ultimately go into a 4” x 6" plastic sleeve that has a heavy duty magnet on the back, allowing the final product to be hung on any magnetic surface.  When the kids are about to take their picture, we will have props for them to decorate themselves with, and we’re constantly updating them to get the latest and greatest.  We can even customize some props for your celebration!  We have also added an iPad station (Digital Sharing) to the setup that receives all of the pictures as soon as the pictures are taken.  Your guests can choose the pictures they want and text or email it to themselves (or post on their Facebook/Twitter).  This is a great feature because your guests can have a hard copy as well as a digital copy.  At the end of the celebration, we provide you with a USB flash drive that includes all pictures taken during the party.  We create the artwork 100% from scratch and can have as many customized templates setup desired (we like to settle on 6).  The sky is the limit when it comes to artwork because we can put anything behind your guests and anything in front, allowing us to create many scenes and effects.

We’ve basically taken all of the good things (and things we didn’t like that we wanted to change) and put them into our setup.  We have a flat rate, and for that rate, we want to deliver the best experience each time, which is why we include everything we possibly can that we think is cool in the package rather than up-charging for each feature.

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